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Podcast Management for
Eco-Conscious and Ethical Coaches

You’re here because wearing all the business hats 👒is no longer sustainable nor healthy. Podcast management tasks are taking up most of your time during the week.

Maybe you’re thinking “Should I prioritize content creation or client work?

Between client meetings, team member onboarding, new client discovery calls, content creation, and relationship nurturing, you may find yourself in a position to choose between one or the other.

Producing and marketing a podcast while growing a business and having family time is humanly impossible, at least in an 8-hour workday.

Commonly speaking, the post-production of an hour-long episode can take up to 6 times the length of your recorded audio. That’s a lot of time that you shouldn’t spend trying to manage every aspect of your business alone.

I’m here for you.

I’ll take these chores off your hands (gladly!) so you can do something more enjoyable with that time. The only thing you’ll be responsible for is recording your podcast. After that’s done, I’m taking over the rest.
You can put your mind at ease, forget the endless podcasting to-do list of yours and use that time to guest podcast, connect with potential clients, create new offers and services, or make more family time.

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What’s a thought partner anyway?

A thought partner is someone who challenges your thinking in such a way that it adds value to your business, life, or career.
I’ve intentionally taken this definition that resonates deeply with my approach to helping podcasters and used it to define my own way of supporting my clients.

When we work together, you not only get an editor, you get a thought partner that’s equally invested in your podcast.

Its Time to meet
your Podcast Thought Partner

So here’s my differentiator in a nutshell.

  • I handle every episode with this statement in mind: It needs to sound and feel good.
  • I constantly look for best practices to market your show in an ethical and authentic way that resonates with your audience.
  • My editing style is designed for humans that speak naturally. So yes I do remove crutch words/phrases (um, likes, mouth noises) as much as possible, but I won’t make you sound unnatural or like you haven’t taken a breath during the whole episode. Nobody wants to listen to robots who won’t breathe 🤖
  • I include strategy sessions in my services because I approach every show from a marketing perspective, so tracking progress and tweaking your marketing strategy if needed is something I want to be involved in simply because I care about your show’s performance and the impact it makes on your business.
If you’re hosting a short solo show or have unique needs, feel free
to contact me to receive a custom quote tailored to you.

Podcast management plans
to create a show that sounds Good


Audio Support


  • Up to 4 episodes per month.
  • Up to 45 minutes of raw audio​.
  • Detailed Audio Editing – cleaning up verbal and crutch words/phrases (um, like) pauses, and restarts.
  • Reduce distracting background noises such as bumping desks, sneezes, and coughs, and call disconnections (as possible).
  • Reduce room echo, and mouth noises, and shorten conversational gaps (as possible).
  • Volume leveling, so each speaker is at the same loudness and episodes meet the industry standards.
  • Add ID3 tags (metadata) to the file
  • Add production elements (intros, outros, music, ads, breaks, sound effects).
  • Upload edited episodes to a Google Drive or Dropbox shared folder.
  • Mastering and mixing to a completed episode.
  • Upload and schedule episodes to your hosting service.
  • 1 bi-monthly strategy session to track progress, discuss marketing actions or solve any issues you may face.
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Audio - Show Notes
& Social Support


  • Everything included in Audio Support.
  • Create show notes that include the title, episode summary/one-paragraph description, bullet points of main topic discussions, and resources section with relevant links.
  • Create up to two (2) video teasers of up to 60 seconds in length with subtitles for each episode.
  • Upload audio and show notes to your podcast hosting service.
  • Upload show notes to your website and schedule for publication.
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