Podcast launch services

Podcast launch services to create with confidence

Hello heart-centered entrepreneur!

On this page you’ll find information about my podcast launch services and ways I can help you simplify the podcast launching process.

You’re here because you might be sitting on the idea of sharing your message, and expertise, with the world for quite some time. Starting a show is something you want to do, but putting together a podcast launch plan seems daunting.

You’ve been thinking about how much impact you could make on your clients and the people who you serve if you could simply grow that audience of yours. Maybe you’re thinking a podcast is a great way to cultivate relationships and have meaningful conversations that can provide value to your people.

Perhaps you’ve Googled “How to start a podcast”, downloaded a couple of podcasting guides, or watched a few YouTube videos, although rather than feeling eased and clear of your next steps, you’re more confused and stuck than before.

Podcasting can actually feel good!

My take on casting off the stress? – Get Clarity and a thought partner!

I’m here to help you.

I believe podcasting is an opportunity to amplify your business message and use your unique voice to create a positive influence in people’s lives while growing your coaching or consulting business.

It’s a way to create your own safe space that allows you to express your ideas. And to redesign success on your own terms — dumping perfectionism & manipulative marketing strategies in the process, while opening up space for your authenticity.

Waste no time

Spending time (days or weeks) researching what are the first or next steps in launching your podcast can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Figuring out all the moving pieces, such as naming your show, podcast equipment, different formats, writing compelling titles can be an overwhelming process.

You could have a conversation with me to see if we’re a good fit and get a sense of what it’s like to work together for the launch of your show.

A thought partner that keeps you accountable

During the whole launch process, I’ll be a partner that’s equally invested in your podcast, who can support and work alongside you to achieve your goals.

Expect that I’ll challenge your thinking in such a way that it generates value for you and encourages you to take action in creating a podcast you love.

Regular check-ins will help you stay on track to launch on your expected date.

Honest & Thorough feedback

Every item of your podcast will be reviewed thoroughly, and I’ll provide genuine feedback, even for things you never realized you needed.

I won’t hold back in sharing everything I know regarding what works best and what might need to be adjusted. My podcast launch services are designed with your best interest in mind.

I’ll set in motion my detailed oriented mind to ensure we not only launch on time, but you feel good about your upcoming show. If this sounds interesting, take a look at the following podcast launch services to get an idea of the different packages and offers.

Podcast launch services

Confidently Create
(or three monthly payments of €250)
90-minute clarity session. Guidance on hosting platforms, different show format options, equipment, software, show name, artwork, and creating your show’s information.
Checklist of tasks with resources and next steps to keep track of progress and launch on time.
Review all items to ensure they meet platform requirements and are optimized properly.
Creation of your RSS Feed.
Submission of your show to the various podcast platforms (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, TuneIn & Alexa, Radio Public, GAANA, etc.)
Editing, and mixing your podcast intro and outro. (Advice on purchasing music you’ll be able to legally use).
Editing, mixing and scheduling your trailer episode/episode 00.
Support via email and meetings during the whole process (up to three months)
Start a conversation
Complete Launch Support
(or three monthly payments of €440)
Everything in the “Confidently Create package”
Post-Production for the first 4 episodes:

1. Editing 2. Mixing to a complete mp3 file. 3. Uploading and scheduling to hosting platform.

Creation of your podcast artwork. One round of revisions is included at no extra cost to you.
Guidance on developing a lead-generating offer based on your business model and purpose.
Start a conversation
Record - Hand it over
(or three monthly payments of €800)
Everything in the “Complete launch support package”
Creation of show notes and upload to a shared Google Drive folder.
Editing and uploading to Drive of promo content for each episode, (short form videos to publish on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube).
Creation of a Podcast graphics bundle using Canva Pro to use for promotion. (Includes custom episode artwork template, audiogram graphic template for solo and Interview episodes).
1 “Holistic Care Audit”, worth €400, that can be used within 5 months.
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