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Podcast Audit Service - The Podcast Doctor

Welcome eco conscious coaches

You are here because you’ve already done the heavy lifting (perhaps with a little help from YouTube or the internet) to launch your show. Great work!

You’ve sweated, struggled, and faced uncertainty and self-doubt that no one told you were part of the beginning process, but it is.

If you’re a conscious, heart-centered coach or business owner who has a few episodes published and you’re thinking:

  • I’m close to launching my podcast and want to ensure I’ve placed everything correctly in my hosting platform and avoid wasting time going back and forth trying to manage launch tasks.
  • I’ve published a few episodes but am unsure how to move forward, and improve my podcast craft and website so it serves my business more effectively.
  • I’m delighted to continue growing my audience, record more, and worry less about the technical aspects of my show but need help to sort things out.
  • I’d like honest and genuine feedback on my show. Is the sound quality good? Is the content captivating? Am I doing something that drives listeners away? Do I need to have show notes or embeddable podcast players on my website?
  • I have no idea how to use call-to-actions to engage with my listeners and achieve my business goals.
  • I’ve been podcasting for a while and just don’t see the results I expected to make with my podcast.

Meet the Podcast Doctor

I can do a thorough examination (as your doctor would) and provide professional and specific recommendations designed to meet the needs of your podcast to ensure it provides an exceptional listening experience and feels good.


Acute Care Audit

This is for you if you’re looking to have an immediate audit and want recommendations for improving one specific area of your show.


  • 60-minute call
  • Talk through podcast goals, purpose, and effectiveness so it serves your business
  • Unlimited questions to solve any specific problems you’re facing in producing, marketing, or managing your show
  • Review the show’s title, artwork, description, as well as episode summary format
  • Advise on changes for your website and/or social media
  • PDF checklist of recommended actions sent to your inbox
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Primary Care Audit

This is for you if you’re looking to have a complete breakdown of how’s your show’s performance, presence, and effectiveness.


  • 60-minute call
  • Recorded video call sent to your inbox
  • Talk through podcast goals, purpose, and effectiveness
  • 1-hour advanced research that includes the following areas of your show
  • Review your RSS feed, and account settings in your podcast hosting platform to make sure everything it’s been set up correctly
  • Review of your gear/software and guidance on mic and recording techniques
  • Review of the listening platforms your show is submitted on and guidance on getting your podcast on every available podcast app
  • Review your show’s artwork to ensure it communicates your message clearly
  • Review of episode show notes on your website
  • Review of podcast presence on your website
  • Advise on using SEO best practices to optimize your show
  • PDF checklist of recommended actions sent to your inbox
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Holistic Care Audit

This is for you if you’re looking to dive deep into improving your show.


  • Everything included in the “Primary Care Audit”
  • A second follow-up/review 60-minute session after the changes have been made to discuss any questions you have or evaluate the next steps. (The review session must be scheduled within one month of the initial findings)
  • Review of one podcast episode including audio quality, CTAs, length, content, flow, episode artwork, speaking and interviewing skills
  • Review your show’s main intro and outro and suggestions for opening/ending episodes in an effective and compelling way
  • Review of episodes titles and guidance on how to write SEO-friendly and optimized for humans titles
  • PDF checklist of recommended actions sent to your inbox
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