I help you simplify podcasting so you can be seen, heard, and valued without using icky-feeling marketing tactics

Why podcasting matters in marketing:

  • You can increase your website traffic by adding more content with better SEO
  • It’s a great way to repurpose your content to multiple platforms such as blog posts, social media, transcripts, and short-form videos
  • It can help you increase your brand awareness and authority. Sharing your expertise, having meaningful conversations, and educating people are some of the benefits of podcasting
  • It’s a great exercise to find your own voice in marketing your business and put your public speaking skills into action
  • Network building. Having a show where you get to choose who are the people you connect or collaborate with is invaluable for networking purposes.

    Remember: You might have never had the chance to meet, talk to or even do business with these people if you haven’t had a podcast.

Who podcasting is for

I believe that podcasting is for people who love connecting, networking, value slow growth, and view their show as one tool in their marketing toolbox.

I’m not saying that you can’t make money podcasting. I’m just saying that most of the people who launched with the primary focus on making money, realize there’s no way to make money right out of the gate unless you have a huge following. If you’re just starting out please, please FOCUS on your purpose, sharing your ideas and expertise with your audience and you’ll do amazing.

In short, podcasting is for those who are in business for the long haul, don’t seek quick fixes or to make some extra cash, and want to use it to market their business while connecting with potential clients, and their audience.

At least this is the way I and my clients view podcasting.

Misleading promises -
The problem

Most information you’ll find if you do a quick Google Search will likely be some of the following things:

  • Starting a podcast is as easy as grabbing your iPhone and pressing record.
  • Starting a podcast will bring a bunch of new leads to your business.
  • The first thing you need to do is choose a microphone.
  • Make money podcasting – Make your first $1000 from your podcast.
  • Use this easy-to-follow guide, to launch your podcast in 1 hour.

The answer

 A few thoughts to keep in mind:

  • Podcasting for your business is more than grabbing your phone and recording yourself. It takes planning and organization before you touch the press button and certainly can not be done in an hour.
  • Podcasting can be an incredible medium to increase brand awareness, connect with your audience and grow your business. But because your podcast is connected to your business take some time to plan the launch, write episode outlines, think through, and be prepared as much as possible to ensure you’re setting up for success.
  • Getting help in launching your podcast can significantly reduce the overwhelm and stress of figuring out all the technical aspects and processes of starting.
  • The first thing it’s good to do before you start your podcast is dive deep into the “What” and “Why”. What’s your podcast about and why do you want to start one?
  • Organic podcast growth is a slow process but I’d like to believe you’re in business for the long haul, don’t you? So instead of thinking of download numbers, focus on the number of people you can connect with that then can become clients, students in your programs, and true fans that share your content every chance they get.

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