Podcast launch and management services for
eco-conscious & ethical coaches

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Whether you’re here to explore my podcast launch and management services or just to connect, Welcome! If you feel called to pursue the entrepreneurial route, as I do, you know that your business is a vehicle for change in the world.


If this feels aligned with your beliefs, I am delighted to welcome you here – to start with a note about this site.
Typically, a homepage is designed to lead you down a crafted path. Although I respect that, I take a different approach.


I wanted to give you a place where you would feel comfortable learning about me or the ways in which I can support you in growing your human-centered business.

You have an authentic message to share and
want people to hear it

But you may be thinking:

  • What if what I want to say no one wants to hear it?
  • What if my message isn’t good enough?
  • What if interviewing people is not in my wheelhouse?
  • What if I’m not made for public speaking?

Hence, these questions turn into “I’m launching a podcast next quarter, I need to get better at it first, I need more people wanting to hear my message, more branding, more clarity.


Clarity and assistance are what make a difference in getting started or consistently publishing your podcast.


We all need support, guidance, and a thought partner to help us navigate complex projects and goals – someone who knows the nuts and bolts of launching and managing a podcast, so you can focus on creating content that builds meaningful relationships.

I believe where there’s an authentic message there’s power

Podcast launch and management services, podcasting for eco-conscious & ethical coaches, podcasting for ethical brands, podcast launch services, podcast management,

Hi! I’m Chrysa,
Podcast Consultant, and Manager.

Since 2019 I’ve been helping heart-centered, eco-conscious coaches like you launch and manage podcasts that feel authentic and sound good! I’m focused on helping you use podcasting to build credibility and increase brand awareness, connect with potential clients, cultivate meaningful relationships and grow your community.

Ready my story

Who do I help?

I support heart-centered coaches and sustainable business owners guided by an ethical and eco-conscious mindset, measuring success in the number of people they can connect with, and selling their services from a place of honesty.

In a nutshell:
  • Consultants and service-based businesses driven by an eco-conscious and ethical mindset.
  • Human-centered marketers and solopreneurs.
  • Wellbeing and holistic practitioners.
  • Ethical designers, copywriters, and freelancers with shared values.
  • Business owners who care about people and the planet.

We might love each
other a lot if you

  • Are a heart-centered coach, consultant, or sustainable business owner driven by an eco-conscious and ethical mindset.
  • Want to be better at marketing your business, simply because making 15-second Instagram Reels doesn’t feel good nor sustainable.
  • Keep putting your content marketing into the background. You’ve been planning to allow your marketing more time, focus, and launch a podcast… but… uh… you just never felt there was time to do it?



Episodes produced


Happy Clients


Cup of coffee

We could be a fit, if
you are looking for

  • A podcast that reflects who you are and creates opportunities to build connections with potential clients.
  • A podcast that sounds great, you’re proud of and feel confident promoting.
  • An authentic way (a podcast) to create content that inspires, educates and allows you to promote your products or services.
  • A thought partner that provides podcast launch and management services, so you can focus on recording value-packed content.

Shows I've worked with

Tiny Marketing Show Sarah Noel Block, Tiny Marketing Show, Sarah Noel Block,
Lead with Soul Podcast, Kimberly King,
Critically conscious coach podcast, Ruthie Bowles,
Productivity Mastery Method podcast with Chris Nixon, the Productivity Mastery Method podcast,
The Self Aware solopreneur podcast, Humaira Akhter,
What They Say

Podcast launch and management services to help you grow your business impact

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